Complete list so you don’t forget anything when camping

Whether you are a beginner or a keen camping enthusiast, for your outing to be a success, you need to plan carefully. Here is a list of camping equipment to remember under no circumstances… and other little things to think about.

To cook

You will need a good stove, a stove or a portable BBQ.

There are various types of stoves and if you are camping in the wild, you may want to have a small stove made of petroleum gas, methyl alcohol, naphtha or kerosene, etc. However, if you are travelling by car and plan to stay in the same place for a few days, it may be better to use the small Coleman style camping stove. If you bring the stove instead of the portable BBQ, and you don’t already have one, choose the model with a round and a grid: it will allow you to boil water and cook your grills.

campfire and cooking pot

Plan your menus

If you have in mind that eating camping is like sausages on the stove, sandwiches or macaroni and cheese, think again. If you are well equipped, you can eat as well as at home. When camping, it may be convenient to slightly plan your menu for your entire stay. This will prevent you from missing anything. However, be careful, if you go to the United States, there is a lot of food you can’t bring.

To sleep

To avoid aches and pains, you will be happy to have a minimum of equipment, especially if you sleep in a tent. In addition, if you choose the tent, pay attention to where you will pitch it. A sloping site could be very uncomfortable. Once you have chosen a location, clean it to remove stones or pieces of wood that could cause you discomfort.

The basics of the portable pantry

This pantry can be a plastic bin or a cupboard in a Westfalia, a trailer or a tent trailer. But know that you don’t need to bring any special equipment to transport your dry, non-perishable food. It’s up to you to see how you prefer to be organized.

To stay dry

When camping, prevention is better than cure. You never know if Mother Nature will decide to play tricks on you. You don’t have to install a tarp when you arrive, but if you think there are risks, it may be more prudent.
Basically, when you will be back home, it will be very important for you to clean your stuffs. Sometimes it's hard to clean your tent or very dirty clothes, so you should call any company that can do that for you.
In belgium, there is a website that gives you a list of companies that can help you :

Think also about:

The weather forecast

Whether this is your first or thousandth camping trip, it is important to be informed about the weather. Rain forecasts do not necessarily mean cancellation, as you never know what the weather will really be like, but spending a weekend locked in the tent with no activities can take away your desire to repeat the experience.

What type of campsite

Do you want to camp in the wild, in a national park or on a private site? Knowledge can help you, because the equipment you will need may differ. When camping in the wild after a hike or canoe-camping for example, it is better to be lighter, because you have to carry everything. If you access your site by car, weight is much less important.